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All construction projects in Carcassonne and Aude

Construction de maison à CarcassoneBuilding your home is an important project, with support and advice being key to its success.

Esposito can guide you through every step involved in building your home.
Depending on your preferences and budget, we work with you to develop a comprehensive framework, from drawing up your plans in CAD, filing the building permit and selecting the required materials, to carrying out the structural works, second fixing and finishings for a made-to-measure, turnkey home.

We build homes to the latest technological, environmental, thermal and acoustic standards
to ensure they meet current regulations.

You can be confident of a well insulated home that will result in significant energy savings.

Esposito is an expert in all trades

With our solid experience in the construction of individual homes, we can guarantee compete success for your works.
We work with our selected partners in lines of business that entail a specific material or skill, with a single representative monitoring your construction project as closely as possible.

Our interior work for your construction covers:

Timber frames and structures
Reinforced concrete
Building carpentry

We enjoy a ten-year insurance plan (APRIL-QBE)

Guarantees, advice and keeping commitments. That's why you should trust Esposito with your construction project: for a final product that's certain to meet your expectations.

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